once again. i have seek alternative once again because i am sick of blogger AGAIN. haha. this time because it just refuses to load properly on my browser(s). and secondly yes i love blogger's flexibility but i guess for now im hoping for sth that helps me format properly without myself coding.

yes wordpress. wanted to move there long ago but it just refuses to import this blog over. and i will definitely miss this blog. but it's fine now. and so see you there. and till the next time i get sick of wordpress again haha i might be back.
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after 4sems of good luck working with good (at least they are nice) project group mates, finally my luck ran out. okay maybe im judging too early, but the first impression isnt too good. im the only one taking that module so had to find others to form groups.

at first i approached this other guy and formed this 3men[3 strangers] group but somehow the guy wanted to find one more member [it was a 3 or 4 men project group] and so ended up knowing this 5men group which had 1 more person. and though they are like grown men, they are so clingy. have worked with clingy girls before, though not wonderful group mates, i sort of liked them in the end. but clingy guys, yucks. grow up can.

so the 5 of them, afraid to break themselves into groups wanted to break into 2 and 3 men groups and asked us to break into 1 person and 2 person groups to join theirs to get 4men team each. so very very sway-ly, was the 1person group and had to join the 3 clingy men group [and they are so mcp].

the thing is they still think they are oh so cool. esp one that looked a hell lot like nicholas lee [woo under one roof]. u know like how in sec schools, bullies often like to hang out in groups because they feel so insecure alone, yes, the 3 clingy guys are like this. ahhhh. help me.

im hoping they will become better after we communicate. and now the 3 clingy guys want to work in a 8men team. i mean hello. if u have been in a cca u will know how it is difficult to gather a bunch of uni students, let alone 8? crazy. i dont know la. they are just so insecure. i hope they will accept my ideas and not appear so mcp.

and the suai thing is. the better guy in that clingy 5guys gang is in the other 4person group with the 2 new group with the 3 clingy guys. how how how. i am so dreading this sem. i dont know. the project constitute 50% of the grade, i am so making sure i get full marks for my final exam.
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now i know why am i always so tired. because when i am in sch i will only do school stuff and everything else have to wait till i get home. this ifg thing that studios thing, everything push till i get home. which isnt too early too. and i end up starting to do at 11pm and sleeping at 2am everyday. and it doesnt help when that is a thing called youtube around.

am listening to smap. you know it's how special that no matter what song they sing, they can always make their live performance so LIVE. hahahaha. [sonomama and la la la love song]. you will never never suspect they are lip-syncing and that they are better hosting/acting/cooking/doing anything than singing. hahahahaha.

was in clementi bookstore, and i realise they have other interest other than bitching about noob undergrads. which is that they(at least one) too watch EU. because in today's mypaper there wad an article on the laughing-gor movie and what made me turn around was that one of them started by saying, 'hey LAUGHING GOR 之变節' in cantonese and after getting no respond from the rest, she starting saying 'aiyah 學警狙擊 ah.very nice leh.' hai clementi bookstore.
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Leo loves mayday who loves mr children. we love them all. mayday concert coming and i still do not have money. haha. but they promised to sing till 12. damn so wasted if i dont go.

when i listen to songs im those who will keep listening to a certain few over and over again till im sick then i'll move on to the nxt new bunch of even newer songs. like how my dad will keep eating this certain food intensely and once he is sick, he gets addicted to another. currently it is kiwi. and i hate kiwi. hahahaa.

have stopped listening to mr children for a while because i was too sick of them after listening to them intensely for a few months. and accidentally listening to tomorrow never knows this afternoon, i realise how addictive it still is.

and of course tabidachi no uta which started my listening to them. the live version is a song which u will crave for when u feel damn sian.

and watching circus action only make me start to listening to mayday again. i listened to them when i was like sec3 like that. and got sick of them. but leo just makes u realise that they still have good music and just that we overlook them.

約翰藍儂 [john lennon] and also 嘿 我要走了 plus the one above, 3 found good songs from them. of course with their classic 擁抱 and 純真 and 志明與春嬌.

and if u ask me what genre of music i like, it is this rock la. alternative rock. soft rock. pop rock. not the boom boom boom rocker type of rock.
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Finally i feel like an engineer.

attended the first fuzzy lecture. though i was an hour late, BUT i just realise how much i like fuzzy. i thought i will like fuzzy. no. actually i like fuzzy a lot a lot. haha. yay. yes. finally enduring 2 sems im-still-okay-but-i-do-not-really-like modules, finally one that sounds academic (as opposed to postwar japanese film and animation) and i still love it.

looking forward to electronic gaming lecture nxt week which i think will be another play play play and see who can get an A kind of module. a lecture on psp and ds and xbox? haha. it feels kind of weird.

engin prof is as expected, all about ethics. was quite worried about 2001 at first because there is the analog hardware component PLUS the digital hardware component PLUS coding. which is practically what we learnt from 3 whole modules. but at least we are starting to create something. and while receiving the tool box today a friend was commenting 'yes. finally i feel like an engineer.' yes i think so too.

and of course the 7hours a week chiong a JLPT4.5 in 3 months japanese1. i feel lazy. and classroom japanese is really kind of boring. i miss japanese podo ichi-maru-ichi.

hai. will be in sch tmr again. when is sat going to come? im missing weekends already.
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